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Sometimes it’s good to be a learner writer

by Jeff Phelps on September 28th, 2016

We did a writing workshop on Saturday 24th September at Morville village hall in deepest Shropshire. Ruth Cameron led us through the story of Ceridwen, the powerful sorceress of Welsh legend, and we took turns to imagine ourselves inside the heads of the different characters:

Why did I mix up that brew, what did I think of the other characters, how did I get on with my husband, was I jealous or angry? Exactly how did it feel to be transformed into an otter?
It turned into a deep exploration of motives and story, but there was comedy and high drama, too, with a wonderful transformation and chase scene.
Of course, being writers, we: a) had coffee, tea and biscuits and b) wrote about it, then c) talked about what we’d written.

And of course everybody made something different of it. Thank you, Ruth, for taking us on this journey. It feels like a rich seam of inspiration with lots of potential. It would be fascinating to have the motives of fictional characters and situations analysed, for instance. I hope Ruth manages to run more of this type of workshop. There’s so much potential.
It felt good to be stretched and to try new things among supportive friends. It’s great to be a learner sometimes.

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